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Art engages our humanity in ways that other disciplines cannot.


Some of the greatest art, reaching back into the furthest annals of history, does not have the artist’s signature recorded.  Just the painted transference of a stranger’s hand upon the rock of a cave declares something indescribably human, something only we have the spirit and capacity to render, in whatever time period we find ourselves.  


It is often forgotten that we have been painting far longer than we’ve been computing.  When we express ourselves creatively in this way, we participate in an ancient cycle that is our privilege as human beings, for no other species has such perfectly designed hands for sculpting, writing, or playing instruments.


Art is about expression, about healing, about legacy, and so much more, sadly, than what we commonly define or celebrate. At most, in the arena of patient care, it should always be a companion to treating the whole person.  Our dream at IAM is to accomplish something valuable that extends beyond USC, to other hospitals, but also, something that will help bring society to a richer and fuller appreciation for creativity. 

Institute For Arts In Medicine


Our Roots

IAM began as little more than an idea to elevate patient care and research alongside education at the undergraduate and graduate levels by employing creative therapies directed by USC faculty and students and to expand the role of art in medicine by conducting assessments of the associated interventions.

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IAM seeks to design, deploy and clinically assess creative therapies in patient care.  The structure for this will involve a collaboration of efforts in Application, Education and Research.


The commitment of IAM is to enlarge and unite the community that is focused on overcoming disease.  As we pursue innovative and interdisciplinary methods to facilitate better care, collaboration is the way forward and a cornerstone of our strategy.  The IAM draws upon a network of renowned scientists, academics, and practitioners to deliver an integrative model of research and patient care, a team that values the health of patients and populations, and a conscious effort focused on training and educating the next generation of care givers.


The framework for IAM is composed of three aims that work together toward a self-sustaining model: Application, Education and Research.  The future establishing of coding structures for reimbursement, educational programs, and research studies to validate the utility of the arts in patient care, will provide revenue from a diverse array of sources.

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Making A Difference


“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Mark Twain


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Friday, Oct. 9, 2020 at 6:00 pm

The Institute for Arts in Medicine (IAM) in collaboration with the AYA@USC program invite you to a live online concert and fundraiser to benefit young cancer patients!


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