The following table represents planned clinical services to be offered as part of graduate level art, music, and expressive therapy accreditation programs in concert with undergraduate internships in applied community arts. The School of Social Work, Department of Psychology and Public Health graduate students, under the direction of onsite specialists, will be paired with undergraduate mentees focused on integrating various artistic accompaniments to healing.  The undergraduate schools will include the School of Dramatic Arts, School of Cinematic Arts (SCA), Roski School of Fine Arts, and Thornton School of Music.

Table 3: Planned Clinical Services

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  1. Strive for an internationally diverse array of creative, therapeutic techniques.

  2. Monitor student access to patients.

  3. Deliver to patients’ therapeutic content designed by students and faculty.

  4. Provide an additional revenue source to IAM through payment for clinical services.

  5. Insurance reimbursements.

  6. Medicare and Medical reimbursements.

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