Having an educational program will enable multi-disciplinary and multi-school bridges to boost curriculum generation and delivery.  In addition, the educational program will be act as a community bridging program that will provide additional venues and modalities for students to undertake projects and internships within community and private practices.  

Educational practicums for students will be housed at Keck Medical Center of USC, CHLA, and through partnerships with the community to allow students to garner valuable clinical and research skills.


IAM will be working with the American Art Therapy Association to accredit the educational program, allowing for accredited degrees including, but not limited to, Masters of Science level training, certificate in art therapy for medical providers, and a series of undergraduate related courses to fulfill general education requirements and more specialized coursework in fields like psychology, pre-medicine, and kinesiology. 

Education continued…

  1. Establish creative therapy-driven curricula for graduate students and develop internship programs in applied community arts to both individual (within specific schools) and collaborative (interdisciplinary) end.

  2. Support the hiring of research faculty with arts therapy backgrounds.

  3. Develop an undergraduate major and graduate degree programs in accordance with accreditation standards in visual, musical or dramatic arts therapies.

  4. Orchestrate student and faculty designed therapeutic content for patients

  5. Enable access to patients for onsite student interns.

  6. Design a scholarship program for talented students in the US and abroad, with an emphasis to support those from developing countries.

  7. Provide a revenue source for continued optimization, development and maintenance of IAM.

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